Exercise the way no one else does. 

Bamboo Bodies® gives you the chance to explore

your movement through Qigong, Neuro-based Exercise and Balanced Movement.



Move to move forever with this challenging but Zen workout.





"Bamboo Bodies is awesome! Inspirational, phenomenal, and so much fun! I recently suffered from a couple minor injuries, but this class (and with the excellent help from Angi), I was coached as I rehabilitated. With these special exercises, I was able to get even stronger than before the injury & am now able to live the life I love!"

Marilyn G. 

Private Equity & Real Estate, 53

"Angi and her classes inspire me! They teach me how to move, stretch, loosen, and strengthen in ways I have never ever known were possible. But more importantly Bamboo Bodies inspires me to move deliberately, consciously, and safely. The seasonal exercises keep me strong and healthy. I love how every quarter we change it up with new routines!"
Lisa P. 
Nurse, 32

"I have taken Angi's Bamboo Bodies classes over the past year. I was searching for ways to tone and strengthen my body without extending myself. Angi's instructions are very thorough and easy to follow, allowing you to move safely as you practice balancing, move in Chinese animal forms, & exercise barefoot. I love this workout!"

Lily D. 

Staff Accountant, 33




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