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Fitness needs to focus on the internal perspective of health, this focus should set the intention for body longevity. 

Just like bamboo, our movement should be balanced and supported in our structure. In this strength conditioning class, rejuvenate and recondition the body through Qigong and corrective exercises. Better your balance and discover internal energy training with focused movement and breath, barefoot work, weight-bearing exercises and self-massage.

Discover internal energy training through this Five Element workout.


This class will challenge what you think you know about your body as we move to explore your strengths and mindfulness in your movement. 

Move through Bear Crawls during the winter for longevity. Soar as a Crane during spring for stability. Capture the Dragon as summer warms our yang and strengthen the immune system this fall with the Jade Snake dance. 

Bamboo Bodies is a seasonal class that changes exercises every quarter to adapt to the Chinese Medical values of the Tao. Explore your movement with these fun, gentle yet challenging and effective exercises. 

Every body is welcomed to this class. Modifications are presented as the root of the exercise, so you can always build on what your mind and body will allow.


Explore Bamboo Bodies with the support of a chair. Recognizing that not everyone is at the same level as others depending on age, lifestyle, medication or injury; Bamboo Bodies offers a stable solution to any hesitations of a group fitness class.

Just as all of our classes, we move with no judgement only exploration. Learn about your body as you tap into fitness through applied movement neurology, Qigong and corrective exercises. 

Clients who have been bound to their chairs due to surgery, inability of endurance and more have seen a drastic changes after just 3 months of Bamboo Bodies! The chair class can be done entirely in a chair, however this class does perform some of the exercises standing up. The option of the chair is there for your support and your comfort, if needed. 

What is Qigong? ​

pronounced: [chi gong]

Qigong means the cultivation of life energy.

This ancient Chinese practice of meditation and movement focuses on the breath, the body, and the discovery of the self. Though used within Martial Arts, Qigong is also recognized as a medical movement that focuses on moving stagnant Qi to heal and energize.

What is Qi? ​

pronounced: [chi]

Qi is a bio-electromagnetic energy. Qi IS SCIENCE! It is a molecular energy that is in the air, it is the energy in a table, and the energy in movement. Qi relates to our health and longevity. We want to find the balance in Yin and Yang energy.

In a nutshell, Bamboo Bodies® moves Qi.


What is Corrective Exercise? ​

pronounced: [Awakening your body]


​Ever hear 'Practice Makes Perfect'? Well it's not true. In fact, "Perfect Practice Make Perfect'. Corrective Exercise is about properly firing muscles through functional movement. We isolate the muscle, explore the movement and then build on with weights or through a more complicated matrix movement pattern for neurological and physical function.  

Is Bamboo Bodies® easy? ​


Smart Movement is about knowing your physical abilities and this class will awaken your body awareness. The movement may be slow but your muscles are learning and burning as you workout. Your brain is also busy at work as the movement challenges your neurological pathways. This class is about balance so you can find your movement. Want it more challenging? You can add on. Want to take it easy? Shake it off, reset, and let's go!

What if I'm new to exercise? ​

Still curious if Bamboo Bodies is a good fit for you?! In addition to slow movement, fundamental exercises, and internal energy training, you get to tailor the class to your needs. Every exercise is based on modified basics so you can teach proper muscle firing. As you get stronger and more supple in your body, you can add on to the exercises. Strengthen and heal as you move to your own beat!

What if I'm a fitness junkie? ​


​We haven't forgotten about you! In fact, Bamboo Bodies could be the best challenge for your workout routine. Enhance your athletic skills with neurological and strengthening exercises. The slow movement keeps you from compensating and enhances your performance with connected breath-work.

You can't cheat in Bamboo Bodies. Give yourself the chance to challenge your mind and body's abilities.

How does Bamboo Bodies® help? ​

Bamboo Bodies is based on seasonal movement and the Five Element Theory. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the correlation of health and the changing seasons. We eat differently as Summer moves into Winter. We dress differently as Winter turns into Summer. Why aren't we exercising differently?

Bamboo Bodies is structured around Chinese Philosophy as you learn to move internal energy (Qi) through each meridian pertaining to the season. Strengthening your immune system, enhance neuro-movement, increasing circulation, improving range of motion and balance, is all part of the Bamboo Bodies perks!

You will also learn tidbits about Chinese Medicine and lifestyle to compliment your exercise. Impress your acupuncturist as you learn things like, "My jing essense is affected during the winter, this is why it's important not to sweat so much."

Fitness goes beyond how you look in the mirror, this class is about internal health because movement heals.

Bamboo Bodies gives you a structured class that helps you move to move forever with smart and balanced exercises!

Bamboo Bodies® is affiliated with Body401k®'s movement classes


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