About the Instructor

Angi McClure
Founder & Creator

Angi McClure is a movement therapist who is on a mission. Through her body longevity company called Body401k®, Angi has created classes and workshops to educate the masses on body longevity through Eastern and Western movement. 

A direct focus from Body401k, the Bamboo Bodies fitness classes highlight all of her experiences and education of movement. 




A graduate from University of Montana, Angi continued her studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC where she studied bodywork and movement therapy. While attending school she taught fitness at various clubs and studios. After graduation, Angi received her classical Pilates certification apprenticing with physical therapists in a clinic for dancers. Angi's passion for movement continued with medical Qigong studies as she began integrating Chinese Medicine into her classes and private practice. Taking a deeper look into the neuro-mechanics of the human mind and movement, Angi studied applies movement neurology through ZHealth and AMN. Before her return to Montana, Angi completed her holistic nutrition counseling certification through The Wellspring School of Healing Arts. 


Maintenance is the key to longevity and through her vast knowledge as a movement therapist, individuals will benefit greatly from Angi's unique treatment plans and reconditioning programs. Bamboo Bodies®, balances the body through Qigong, Neuro-based movement such as joint mobility, inner ear and vision stimulus. Each movement is centered around the season's Qigong routine that boosts energy and mobility!

Bamboo Bodies® is affiliated with Body401k®'s movement classes


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