Love, Praise, & Stories for Bamboo Bodies®

"Bamboo Bodies is awesome! Inspirational, phenomenal, and so much fun! I recently suffered from a couple minor injuries, but this class (and with the excellent help from Angi), I was coached as I rehabilitated. With these special exercises, I was able to get even stronger than before the injury & am now able to live the life I love!"


Marilyn G.

Private Equity Real Estate, 53yrs old.

"I find myself reflecting and, for better or for worse. I'm going to get mushy and sentimental as I share my praise for Angi and Bamboo Bodies. I consider myself so lucky to have found this class. Angi's boundless enthusiasm, combined with depth of knowledge, skill and creativity in creating, teaching and sharing has brought me to a whole new dimension to my personal health and fitness. My mind is beginning to be aware in a different way than it ever has, thanks to Bamboo Bodies!"

Alisa E.

Senior Research Assistant OHSU, 49yrs old

"Angi and her classes inspire me! They teach me how to move, stretch, loosen, and strengthen in ways I have never ever known were possible. But more importantly Bamboo Bodies inspires me to move deliberately, consciously, and safely. The seasonal exercises keep me strong and healthy. I love how every quarter we change it up with new routines!"

Lisa P.

Nurse 32yrs


"Bamboo Bodies is my rehab! I discovered that many of the exercises I do in Bamboo Bodies were the same my Physical Therapist has taught me to do. I knew I always felt better after having done them but now I have a class that keeps me on top of my movement!"

Cris. L

Desk Jockey 37yrs

"I have been going to Bamboo Bodies for three months and the results I see are not only positive but so functional! My body is able to move with more strength, flexibility, and grounded-ness. One of the most beneficial aspects is the Qigong movement. This type of movement is unique and can be difficult to explain, but try it!! If the benefits sound like they're up your alley- this class is going to be your lifesaver! And Angi is one of the most lively, easy-going, and positive people ever!"

Ruby S.

Individual & Family Therapist 33yrs

"I love Angi’s Bamboo Bodies classes! They provide the perfect balance to my cardio workouts. I enjoy the physical challenges in the Bamboo Bodies class, which leaves me feeling strong and balanced. Bamboo Bodies has helped my back pain, creating a space for healing and kind movement that I use everyday!"

Sheri K.

Digital Account Manager 33 yrs

"Bamboo Bodies is incredible! When I injured myself I felt hopeless about working out without causing more injury. I was so lucky to have found Angi's Bamboo Bodies class. My body finally feels strong and balanced. I am so grateful I have been able to strengthen the areas of my body where I had injuries. Angi is extremely knowledgeable about the body and has brought a whole new meaning to health and fitness for me. I think one of the most important things is that Bamboo Bodies makes you very aware of your body and it's limitations. Angi is extremely creative and always has modifications for every exercise. Thank you Angi for paving the road to longevity for me!"

Natalie H.

Legal Assistant 47yrs

"I have taken Angi's Bamboo Bodies over the past year. I was searching for ways to tone and strengthen my body without over extending myself. Angi's instructions are very thorough and easy to follow, allowing you to safely move your body. Angi is informative, fun, and enthusiastic. Love this workout!"

Lily D.

Staff Accountant 33yrs

"This class is the perfect compliment to any workout. Lengthening, toning, and strengthening my muscles are icing on the cake. Through Angi's knowledge and instruction, I have found the foundation to keeping myself in top shape!"

Erin D.

Digital Account Manager 33yrs

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